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Acronyms and abbreviations

AASB Australian Accounting Standards Board
AAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal
ARRs Annual report requirements for Queensland Government agencies
ATO Australian Taxation Office
ATSILS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service
CBD Central business district
CEO Chief executive officer
CFO Chief finance officer
CLC Community legal centre
CLE Community legal education
CPD Continuing professional development
DPSOA Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003
EEO Equal employment opportunity
FBT Fringe Benefits Tax
FAA Financial Accountability Act 2009
FACT First Advice Contact Team
FPMS Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009
FTE Full-time equivalent
GST Goods and Services Tax
HR Human Resources
IASB International Accounting Standards Board
ICT Information Communication and Technology
LPITAF Legal Practitioner Interest on Trust Accounts Fund
NPA National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services
OESR Office of Economic and Statistical Research
QAILS Queensland Association of Independant Legal Services
QLAF Queensland Legal Assistance Forum
RAILS Refugee and Immigration Legal Service
RLAF Regional Legal Assistance Forum
RM8 Records Manager 8
SVS State Valuation Services
TTY Telephone Typewriter Service


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