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Last month at Legal Aid – December 2018

 In December 2018

  • 2839 people received early intervention services such as receiving legal advice and minor assistance from our lawyers over the phone, via videoconference or face-to-face at one of our offices.
  • We provided dispute resolution services to 281 people to help couples work out their family law problems without going to court.
  • Our duty lawyers guided 6042 adults through their appearance in the magistrates courts.
  • 562 children were represented by our duty lawyers in the childrens courts.
  • Our family law duty lawyers helped 132 unrepresented people get through their day in the family law courts.
  • We approved aid for 132 children and adults to be represented by lawyers in the family law courts.
  • We approved aid for lawyers to defend 1393 people charged with criminal offences.


These statistics are reported in line with the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services.

*The number of people = the number of matters.


Media contact: Miranda Greer or Amanda Catania (07) 3917 0407




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