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Open data strategy

Legal Aid Queensland’s Open Data Strategy details how we will contribute to the Queensland Government’s Open Data initiative.

The aim of the initiative is to release as much government data as possible to encourage the private sector to develop innovative new services and solutions for the state.

The open data principles that underpin this initiative are:

  • government data will be available for open use – openly available under flexible licences, allowing for re-use by the public, including by business, researchers and individuals
  • government data will be available free – except if a charge is statutory or cost recovery has a clear net benefit for the Queensland community and has been approved by Cabinet
  • government data will be in accessible formats and easy to find – easily discoverable through the website
  • government data will be released within set standards and accountabilities – available in a timely and relevant manner unless it is restricted for reasons of privacy, public safety, security, commercial confidentiality or compliance with the law.

Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ) is committed to openness and accountability in government. Through our website we make available a significant amount of corporate and service information, and the National Legal Aid website ( provides extensive data about legal aid services.

LAQ is in ongoing discussions with the Legal Aid Queensland Board about data that could be shared with community stakeholders to assist in providing more collaborative services to clients.


View our Open data strategy.

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