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Looking for legal help?


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Looking for legal help?
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Looking for legal help? 

Here’s what we can advise you on

Criminal Law

  • Criminal charges in magistrates, district or supreme courts
  • Youth justice
  • Traffic matters

Family Law

  • Parenting issues, eg arrangements about children
  • Relationship issues, eg divorce, property settlement
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Child maintenance and child support
  • Child protection
  • Family dispute resolution

Civil Law

  • Anti-discrimination
  • Peace and good behaviour
  • Victims Assist
  • Motor vehicle property damage
  • Excluding young people from school and services
  • Consumer/debt (including unpaid wages)

Here’s what we cannot advise you on

  • If you’re representing a company, business, club or association
  • In relation to commercial transactions or dealings with real estate
  • Personal injury
  • Will making/preparing powers of attorney
  • Taxation and superannuation
  • Planning and environmental law
  • Local government matters
  • Trees, fences and neighbourhood disputes

If you are unsure whether we can assist you, please speak with a Customer Service Officer. We may be able to refer you to another service.

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