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Become a legal aid service provider


Our legal practice has developed partnerships with approximately 400 private legal practitioners (who we refer to as preferred suppliers) located throughout Queensland. This statewide network ensures demand for legal aid services is met and clients can still receive legal help despite being unable to access a local Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ) office. Legal assistance is available in criminal, family and some civil law matters.

Preferred suppliers can:

  • advise on your eligibility for legal aid
  • submit an application for legal aid on your behalf
  • assist you with your legal problem and represent you in court.

To obtain the services of a preferred supplier you can either contact the solicitor or firm of your choice directly to check their preferred supplier status, or call us on 1300 65 11 88 (for the cost of a local call from a landline in Australia) to find out about approved solicitors and firms in your area.

How do I apply to become a preferred supplier?

Preferred suppliers undertake work on our behalf in criminal, family and civil law matters in accordance with the Commonwealth and state legal aid service priorities. The Preferred Supplier List consists of a number of sub lists being:

  • Criminal law general
  • Criminal law youth
  • Criminal law life
  • Family law general
  • Civil law discrimination
  • Civil law child protection
  • Civil law Commonwealth administrative law
  • Civil law inquests
  • Civil law proceeds of crime
  • Civil law war veterans
  • Civil law workcover

Further details in relation to the work that can be performed under each of these sub lists are available in the application guidelines document.(PDF, 169KB)

The current preferred supplier agreement will expire on the 31 July 2018 and the new agreement will commence on 1 August 2018. All existing firms that wish to continue as a preferred supplier after this date will be required to reapply for inclusion on the panel. Application for inclusion on the preferred supplier panel is also open to new firms.

The application package for the 2018-2021 preferred supplier agreement is now available. Some amendments have been made to the preferred supplier agreement and these are outlined in the Schedule of Changes.(PDF, 72KB)

Please note that there are 2 application packages, depending on whether you are an existing preferred supplier or a firm that does not have a current preferred supplier agreement:

Existing preferred supplier renewal application

Existing preferred suppliers should complete the following: (unless otherwise directed by Legal Aid Queensland)

Please note that the preferred supplier agreement is between Legal Aid Queensland and a practice operating at a specified location. If you are an existing preferred supplier but are applying for inclusion of a new office, you will be also be required to complete a new preferred supplier application for the new office.

New preferred supplier application

New firms wishing to become preferred suppliers (or existing preferred suppliers wishing to add a new office location) should complete the following:

To help you in addressing the selection criteria, you can view copies of Legal Aid Queensland’s Practice Management and Case Management Standards online.

Admission of new firms to a Preferred Supplier list is not only dependent upon applicants satisfying the selection criteria specified in the application guidelines document, but also upon the level of service coverage required in a particular region which will be determined by Legal Aid Queensland. Our office will notify all applicants of the outcome of their application once a decision has been made.

Please note that even if your firm is on a current Preferred Supplier list, you must make formal application for inclusion on the new Preferred Supplier list in order to undertake legal aid work after 31 July 2018. From that date, all grants of legal aid will only be available to firms on the new Preferred Supplier lists. The current Independent Childrens Lawyer & Separate Representative, Conference Chairperson, Property Arbitrator and Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme lists are exempt from the Preferred Supplier selection process.

Completed applications should be emailed to the A/Coordinator, Preferred Supplier Strategy. If you have any questions please email or phone (07) 3917 0402.

Independent children's lawyers and separate representatives

These are lawyers appointed by LAQ to provide separate representation for children in family law and child protection proceedings. To be on the panel, practitioners must have practised as a legal practitioner in family law or child protection law for at least 5 years and be able to demonstrate an advanced level of experience and competence in the relevant area.

Applicants must also have undertaken the National Independent Children’s Lawyers training course within the last three years and once their application is submitted to LAQ, they will be required to undertake an interview with the Suitability Assessment Committee.

The current Independent Children’s Lawyer and Separate Representative Agreement is due to expire 31 July 2019 and we are currently reviewing the agreement and selection criteria for the new agreement term which will commence 1 August 2019.  We will aim to have the new documents available in May 2019.  In the interim, the 2016-2019 Independent Children's Lawyer and Separate Representative Agreement(PDF, 138KB), Application guidelines document(PDF, 77KB) and Undertaking(PDF, 28KB) is available for your information.  This web page will be updated once the new documents are released.  

If you have any questions, contact the Coordinator, Preferred Supplier Strategy or phone (07) 3917 0402.

Legal representation for Mental Health Review Tribunal matters

Legal Aid Queensland contracts preferred suppliers to represent clients appearing before the Mental Health Review Tribunal (‘MHRT’). There are two different panels that supply this representation.

Solicitors on the Criminal Law Life panel are able to represent clients who have applied directly to Legal Aid Queensland for representation when appearing before the MHRT. Solicitors on this panel are also able to lodge legal aid applications for their clients by using Grants Online.

The MHRT Service Orders panel is utilised when the MHRT have determined that a client should have legal representation for a matter, which is ordinarily when the Attorney-General elects to be a party in that matter. The request for representation comes directly from the MHRT and Legal Aid Queensland does not undertake an assessment of the client/patient’s merit or means.

The two panels are not interchangeable and the MHRT Service Orders panel is currently closed, however firms that wish to be considered for either panel can contact the Coordinator, Preferred Supplier Strategy or phone (07) 3917 0402 for further information.

Family Dispute Resolution practitioners

These are lawyers, social workers and psychologists in private practice who are selected to undertake the role of conference chairperson in our family dispute resolution program.


These are lawyers who are selected to undertake the role of arbitrator in our property arbitration program.

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