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Clause Code : CCG

CCQ examine depositions, conferences and negotiation

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Represent client in the Children's Court of Queensland to examine depositions, confer with Counsel, and negotiate with Director of Prosecutions. If client instructs to enter a Plea of Guilty, the fee for a Plea of Guilty only will be paid. The maximum costs payable on this grant are limited. Fees payable on this grant are in accordance with the attached Proforma Invoice. If client instructs to proceed to trial, please seek an extension of aid and confirm written instructions have been obtained. If this matter is to be heard in a circuit court, Counsel will be appointed by Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ) and you will be advised of the name of the Counsel by the LAQ Senior Chambers Officer prior to the sittings. If you have any questions about the appointed Counsel you should contact the Senior Chambers Officer on 3917 0438. For a full list of all circuit courts please refer to the Circuit Court Briefing Policy on LAQ's website. The maximum fee payable on this invoice for disbursements is $50.00.

Client clause wording

Aid has been approved as a result of your solicitor requesting more funding in relation to your matter. Aid is approved for you to be represented in the Children's Court of Queensland.


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
Confer/Negotiate $172.50
Court Time $351.40
Mentions $282.60
Preparation $242.60
Total $1,049.10


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
Barrister Conferences $172.50
Barrister Court Time $414.00
Barrister Mentions $282.60
Barrister Negotiation $172.50
Barrister Preparation $192.00
Total $1,233.60


Work type Fee
Total disbursements $50.00
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