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Clause Code : CCP

Child Matter - Attend with child at Youth Justice Conference

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Attend with client at Youth Justice Conference including negotiations on case planning and drawing up Youth Justice Conference agreement. This is a maximum fee grant of aid including interviewing client and taking instructions (maximum 1 hour); attending conference, assist with drafting of agreement and attending to any follow up work required (up to a maximum of 4 hours) IF A GRANT OF AID IS ISSUED FOR COURT PROCEEDINGS RELATING TO THE SAME OFFENCE, THE INTERVIEW WITH YOUR CLIENT IS NOT PAYABLE ON THIS GRANT OF AID. The maximum fee payable on this invoice for disbursements is $25.00.

Client clause wording

Aid is approved for you to be represented at a Youth Justice Conference.


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
Conference Time $460.00
Preparation $115.00
Total $575.00


Work type Fee
Total disbursements $25.00
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