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Legal capacity

General information about having legal capacity when making contractual arrangements, agreements or other legal decisions. We don't give advice about this area of law.

Published 20 February 2018

Domestic Violence Protection Order—information for applicants

Information about how to apply for Domestic Violence Protection Order.

Published 29 August 2016

What are my rights if.....I want to separate from my partner?

Information about your rights and responsibilities when separating from your partner after a relationship breakdown.

Published 01 June 2017

Law week 2012 hypothetical

Law week 2012 hypothetical video

Published 30 October 2015

Domestic Violence Protection Order—information for respondents

General information for respondents to a Domestic Violence Protection Order

Published 01 June 2017

How do I get a domestic violence protection order?

General information about applying for a domestic violence protection order.

Published 21 March 2018

Protecting sexual assault counselling records

Counselling Notes Protect

Published 13 April 2018

Domestic violence wallet card—protect yourself—abuse is wrong!

General information about how to protect yourself from domestic violence and abuse.

Published 06 July 2016

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