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Salvos Legal - Spring Hill

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Salvos Legal will provide legal advice on:

  • Police matters
  • Debt
  • Neighbourhood disputes
  • Centrelink matters
  • Family law
  • Housing matters
  • Family migration and refugee matters.

Salvos Legal will NOT provide legal advice (but may provide referrals) on:

  • Wills and estates
  • Employment
  • Property disputes
  • Student/employment visas
  • Workers compensation
  • Family law property disputes
  • Civil matters, particularly for those seeking compensation or damages.

Telephone advice is only available to clients in rural and regional locations and clients unable to attend our office due to disability, age or incarceration.

Salvos Legal Humanitarian service recognise that clients may not only have a legal need but that there are often other complicating factors in their lives. To this end, Salvos Legal Humanitarian exists to be able to help clients with their legal needs and to help them engage with other Salvation Army services, such as drug & alcohol recovery, employment assistance, welfare, counselling, financial management and aged care.