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Caxton Legal Centre Inc - South Brisbane

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Caxton Legal Centre Inc. is an independent community organisation providing free legal advice, social work services, information and referrals.

Caxton's Services

For information on the services below or to book an appointment please call (07) 3214 6333.

General Legal Advice  - can provide advice on:

  • criminal charges
  • traffic offences
  • car accidents
  • second-hand car purchases
  • disputes with mechanics
  • disputes between neighbours
  • SPER debts
  • victims of crime
  • money loaned to friends
  • guardianship
  • powers of attorney
  • disputes between tenants (co-tenants)
  • blue card applications and more.

Consumer Credit Law - Appointments are available during the evening (Mon/Tues/Thurs) as well as limited daytime appointments for clients genuinely unable to attend  during the evening. 

Family Law and Domestic Violence - advice is provided through the evening legal advice sessions on Thursdays. A family lawyer is available for day-time appointments for clients genuinely unable to attend the evening legal advice sessions.

  • Caxton also provides a  Family Law Duty Lawyer Service and Domestic and Family Violence Duty Lawyer Service at the Family Law Court and Brisbane Magistrates Court

Seniors Legal and Support Service - one of Caxton's social workers will follow up with a telephone call and, if they can assist, will arrange a home visit or meeting at another place as required. A lawyer will be available to provide advice and ongoing assistance.

  • see also Caxton's Financial Protections Service - a community worker can have a chat with you about protecting your finances in later life. This service is free. The Financial Protections Service does not offer financial advice or financial assistance (such as emergency payments).

Employment Law – appointments available on Wednesday evening as well as limited daytime appointments for clients genuinely unable to attend  during the evening. 

Queensland Retirement Village and Park Advice Service - to access the service, please call Caxton Legal Centre during office hours and a QRVPAS worker will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.  QRVPAS is a state-wide service providing information and advice by telephone and face-to-face appointments, where possible.

Coronial Assistance Legal Service – The Coronial Assistance Legal Service is a statewide service provided by Caxton Legal Centre and Townsville Community Legal Service. Make an appointment for advice by contacting Caxton Legal Centre on (07) 3214 6333 or Townsville Community Legal Service on (07) 4721 5511. Appointments available during the day.

Bail Support Program - Caxton Legal Centre’s Bail Support Program helps men on remand at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, Brisbane Correctional Centre and Woodford Correctional Centre apply for bail and access support services. 

  • Referrals are best made by telephoning the Bail Support Program office on (07) 3214 6333 between 9am and 4:30pm.
  • Men on remand can seek advice on the Bail Advice Line which is open between 10am – 3pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This service is only available through the Arunta system as ‘Bail Service’. 
Caxton is unable to provide advice on:

See full list: Areas of law Caxton Legal Centre cannot assist with

  • commercial leases or to business owners
  • investment products
  • financial advice or products
  • investment properties
  • superannuation fund issues
  • taxation
  • building and trade disputes
  • goods and services over $40,000
  • professional disputes with doctors, lawyers, accountants etc
  • Centrelink disputes
  • personal injury
  • income protection
  • immigration
  • native title
  • conveyancing
  • wills and estates.