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Mental Health Review Tribunal

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The Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT) is an independent statutory entity established under the Mental Health Act 2000, which provides for the involuntary assessment, treatment and detention of persons with mental illness.

The role of the MHRT is to ensure the involuntary processes are appropriately applied, and is a critical safeguard in protecting the rights and interests of those individuals.

The jurisdiction of the MHRT includes:

  • Reviewing the application of treatment criteria for patients;
  • Reviewing the detention of young patients in high security units;
  • Reviewing the mental condition of forensic patients;
  • Reviewing fitness for trial in relation to person found unfit for trial by a jury or the Mental Health Court (excluding those found permanently unfit);
  • Deciding applications for notification orders;
  • Deciding treatment applications;
  • Deciding applications for approval of patients to move out of Queensland; and
  • Deciding appeals against decisions to refuse persons to visit an involuntary patient.