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Terms you should know 

Abandonment - After starting an appeal, if you decide not to go ahead, you will need to file a 'Notice of Abandonment'.

Acquittal - A judgment that a person is not guilty of a criminal offence.

Appeal - A procedure where a court decision is reviewed by a higher court.

Comparable Sentences - A record of sentences imposed for the same or similar offences.

Conviction - A judgment that a person is guilty of an offence.

Court of Appeal - A court which hears appeals from lower courts, usually consisting of three judges.

Filing - The process whereby documents are accepted by a court and often this is evidenced by the court stamping its seal on the filed document.

Judgment - The decision of a court.

Prosecutor - The person who brings a court action against another, usually only used for criminal proceedings.

Quash - To over-turn or set aside; eg to quash a conviction.

Registry - The part of the court where all documents are filed.

Sentence - The penalty for committing an offence.

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Terms you should know