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How to apply for legal aid 

Before you apply for legal aid we recommend you get legal advice. We offer free legal advice - call 1300 65 11 88 to find out which option best meets your needs. More information is available in the legal advice area of this website.

To apply for legal aid, you need to complete an application form. To get an application form you can:

  • download one from the 'related pages' area (see the right-hand side of this page)
  • collect one in person from one of our 14 offices throughout Queensland
  • call 1300 65 11 88 (between the hours of 8.30 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday) and ask for one to be mailed to you
  • email with your name and address and ask for one to be mailed to you
  • contact one of our 'preferred suppliers' (private law firms who do legal aid work).

Do I need to include anything else with the application form?

Yes. Before your application for legal aid can be considered you must provide:

  • a properly completed and signed application form
  • proof of your means, including recent payslips, copies of your pension or healthcare cards, account statements from banks or building societies
  • information, relevant to civil, family or criminal law as appropriate to your case
  • if you are self employed, a small business operator or farmer, all the additional checklist information required on your financial affairs
  • if you are applying through a private solicitor, a properly completed Legal Aid Application checklist.

I've submitted my application - what happens next?

When we receive your application, it will be assessed for eligibility by our assessment team. Once your application has been assessed you will be sent an Application Result which tells you:

  • whether you will get a grant of aid
  • what sort of grant it is
  • any conditions placed on the grant.

If you are eligible for a grant of aid, we will send a letter to notify you and advise you of what to expect. If you are not eligible, we will advise you of your rights to appeal this decision.

If you have been granted legal aid, a leaflet will also be sent to you which explains how your grant of aid works and how you can make the most of it.

Please read the Application Result and leaflet carefully.

If a Legal Aid Queensland solicitor is handling your case, you will be told who is responsible for your case - the 'file manager'. You should ask your file manager any questions you have.

If a private solicitor is handling your case, you should ask that solicitor any questions you have. If you still have concerns after talking to your solicitor, call your local Legal Aid Queensland office.

Who is eligible for a grant of legal aid?

Legal aid for representation is available to people who meet the requirements of our means and merit tests and other guidelines.

Further information on these tests and guidelines is available in the factsheet Can I get legal aid? - Means and merit test.

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How to apply for legal aid