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A court order which requires an employer to pay to a creditor a portion of the debtor's wages. It is not available where the only source of income is a pension or a benefit

General insurance:
All insurance excluding life and health insurance

General Power of Attorney:
A legal document where a donor appoints an attorney to act on the donor's behalf in areas of property and financial affairs. A general power of attorney, unlike an enduring power of attorney will come to an end if the donor becomes mentally incapacitated

General public:
In children's court proceedings, the only members of the public that can view the proceedings are the immediate family of the accused child, unless the court otherwise allows

Good behaviour bonds:
Where a person is required by the court as part or the whole of a sentence resulting from a criminal conviction to enter into a recognisance for a fixed term for a fixed amount to be of good behaviour.

Good behaviour order:
Where a child must not break the law for up to one year and if the order is not breached then no conviction is recorded

Goods and services tax:
A new system of taxation. As of 01/07/2000 there will be a goods and services tax of %10 on most goods and services.

Unless gossip amounts to defamation, there is no court action available to prevent gossip from occurring

Grievous bodily harm:
Any bodily harm of such a nature as to endanger or be likely to endanger life, or to cause or be likely to cause permanent injury to health

Grounds for divorce:
The irretrievable breakdown of marriage which is evidenced by separation for a continuous period of 12 months or more with no prospect of reconciliation

A legally binding promise by one person that will ensure that another person carries out their legal obligations. This differs from guarantees ( see warranties) given when goods are sold

The person who makes the guarantee

A person who has the right and duty to protect another person, their property and their rights

Guardian ad litem:
A person appointed to defend a court action or other legal proceeding on behalf of a child, or a person under a disability

If a person has the guardianship of a child, they have the responsibility of a child's daily care as well as decisions relating to the child's long term care.

Guardianship of adults:
Where a guardian acts for an adult, and in cases where the adult is disabled, then it may be the Public Trustee