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Qualified counsellor:
Counsellors approved to provide counselling under the Family Law Act.

Qualified counsellor certificate:
A certificate given by a qualified counsellor that counselling has taken place.

Qualified privilege:
A limited legal entitlement to do what is usually unlawful eg: defamation by a member of parliament, or to be exempt from something which the law usually requires (eg: solicitor not obliged to give evidence in court of client's instructions)


Quarantine Act:
An Act of the Commonwealth Parliament which regulates importation of certain things eg: plant and animal products

Queensland Building Tribunal:
The body which resolves disputes arising from building of domestic premises

Queensland Community Corrections Board:
The authority which regulates the release of people from prison into the community

Queensland Fire Services:
The authority responsible for fire control and prevention

Queensland Heritage Council:
The authority which is responsible for the protection of cultural heritage and maintains a list of heritage places

Queensland Industrial Relations Commission:
The authority which approves awards and enterprise arrangements and deals with enquiries, complaints and disputes in relation to employment matters eg: applications for unfair dismissal.

Queensland Law Society:
The body which represents solicitors, deals with some complaints about solicitors and regulates professional conduct. Can provide a list of all solicitors in Queensland and referrals to individual solicitors

Queensland Police Service:
The Queensland Police force

Queensland Police Service Headquarters:
The central administration unit of the Police Service

An estimate of how much a job will cost.