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Ultra vires:
Beyond power. An act done by an agency of government which it is beyond their authority to do is described as ultra vires

Unconditional contract for sale:
A contract for sale which is not dependent upon any conditions being fulfilled in order for it to proceed.

Under the influence:
A person who is affected by alcohol or a drug

To promise, usually in the course of legal proceedings, to do or refrain from doing an act.

Unfair contract:
An unfair contract includes arrangements collateral to Contract and Contracts which become unfair by the parties conduct and is a contract that:

Unfair dismissal:
Dismissal of an employee by an employer on grounds which were not justifiable or in some cases in a way which was procedurally unfair.

Unincorporated association:
An association of persons which has no legal existence apart from the members of the association

Unlawful dismissal:
An employee's dismissal from employment is unlawful if it is for an invalid reason.

Unlawful non-citizen:
A person who has no legal authority to be present in Australia, eg: an illegal immigrant, or a person who has overstayed their visa conditions

Unlawfully killed:
Killed in breach of the law

Unlicensed driving:
Driving without holding a current drivers licence

Unascertained or undetermined. Usually used to describe a general claim for damages.

Unordered goods:
Goods which are delivered without any order or request by the person to whom they are delivered

Unsecured creditor:
A creditor who does not hold security over any property of the debtor.

Unsecured debts:
Debts for which a creditor does not hold security over any property of the debtor

Unsound mind:
A person incapable of understanding the effect of their actions is said to be of unsound mind.