Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland - Brisbane

Address Details
Street: Level 1
189 Coronation Drive
Milton 4064
Postal: PO Box 15565
Contact Details
Telephone No: 1300 130 670
Fax No: (07) 3247 0960
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Other Information
Description: The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland can help you if you've been treated unfairly because:
  • of your sex;
  • of your relationship status;
  • you are, were or seeking to become pregnant;
  • of your parental status;
  • of your age;
  • of your lawful sexual activity;
  • of your impairment;
  • of your religious belief or religious activity;
  • of your political belief or activity;
  • of your trade union activity;
  • you are/were breastfeeding;
  • of your race;
  • of your gender identity
  • of your sexuality
  • of your family responsibilities
  • of your association with someone on the basis of any of the above grounds;
  • you have been victimised because of your involvement in a complaint which has been or will be made to the Commission.
The Commission can only help you if the treatment you are complaining about happened in certain areas of public life. These areas are:
  • employment;
  • goods and services;
  • education;
  • accommodation;
  • superannuation and insurance;
  • disposal of land;
  • club membership and affairs;
  • local government;
  • administration of State laws and programs
The Commission can also help if you have been:
  • sexually harassed (sexual harassment is unlawful everywhere and does not need an area); or
  • vilified in public because of your race, religion, gender identity or sexuality.
Hours Open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm