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Sample documents and forms 

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Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal forms

Forms are available from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (or your local courthouse outside the Brisbane metropolitan area).

Sample 1 Application for minor civil dispute – consumer dispute form (PDF, 743 KB)

Sample 2 Loss adjuster’s affidavit (PDF, 171 KB)

Sample 3 Repairer’s affidavit (PDF, 171 KB)

Sample 4 Affidavit of service (PDF, 562 KB)

Magistrates court forms

Forms are available from your local courthouse.

Sample 5 Magistrates court claim (PDF, 205 KB)

Sample 6 Statement of claim (PDF, 182 KB)

Sample 7 Request for default judgment (PDF, 198 KB)

Sample 8 Plaintiff’s affidavit (PDF, 221 KB)

Sample 9 Repairer’s affidavit (PDF, 221 KB)

Sample 10 Default judgment (PDF, 188 KB)

Sample 11 Affidavit of service (PDF, 248 KB)

Sample 12 Notice of intention to defend (PDF, 168 KB)

Sample 13 Defence and counterclaim (PDF, 209 KB)

Sample 14 Answer to the counterclaim (PDF, 197 KB)

Sample 15 List of documents (PDF, 181 KB)

Sample 16 Request for subpoena (PDF, 163 KB)

Sample 17 Subpoena for production (PDF, 202 KB)



  • These are sample forms to give you an idea of the information you might need to put in. Do not copy the information on the sample forms. Use them as a guide only and put in the information about your situation.
  • You will not need to use all these forms. Only use the ones that apply to you.
  • If you need help filling in any forms, call Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 65 11 88.
  • Type your answers or write neatly in black or blue pen.
  • Make sure the information you use is correct and always double-check the spelling of the names of other people involved.
  • The QCAT sample forms are based on the following scenario:
    “Jane Wright was driving along White Street towards the intersection with Black Street. Jane was in her Mitsubishi Magna, registration number ABC246.

    As Jane approached the intersection, a green Ford sped up and ran a red light on Black Street. The Ford, registration number XYZ890, was driven by George Getz. George’s Ford collided head on with the front of Jane’s Mitsubishi Magna.

    Jane’s Magna sustained $2500 damage and she paid $200 to have her car towed. The speed limit was 60 km/h.”

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Sample documents and forms