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Farm & Rural Legal Service 

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What is the Farm & Rural Legal Service?

The Farm and Rural Legal Service provides advice and assistance to Queensland rural producers who have severe debt related problems or are in dispute with their lenders, or are otherwise facing financial hardship which relates to their business of primary production.

The Farm and Rural Legal Service lawyer travels throughout Queensland to most remote locations to give legal advice. The service assists rural producers on the farm, at a venue of the farmer's choice, at the local Legal Aid Queensland office or by telephone.

How can the Farm & Rural Legal Service help?

If you are a Queensland rural producer confronted with severe debt-related problems the Farm and Rural Legal Service can provide advice on:

  • legal documents
  • legal processes
  • legal options
  • all Queensland and Commonwealth laws
  • the conduct and actions of other parties.

The service can assist with/by:

  • writing letters on your behalf
  • providing written opinions
  • negotiating on your behalf
  • mediating in disputes
  • completing documents
  • referring you to other agencies for help.

The service lawyer will:

  • work with other advisors, such as rural counsellors, your accountant and private legal advisor
  • advocate for rural producers
  • address meetings on issues of current topical interest to rural producers as a part of community education
  • make submissions on legal issues relating to the rural sector
  • review submissions made on rural legal issues.

Can the Farm & Rural Legal Service represent me in court?

The Farm and Rural Legal Service lawyer cannot represent producers in legal proceedings before the courts.

What is the cost?

The Farm and Rural Legal Service is free of charge to Queensland rural producers. No means or merit tests apply.

How do I contact the Farm & Rural Legal Service?

The Farm and Rural Legal Service lawyer is based at Legal Aid Queensland's Brisbane office and travels throughout the state.

For more information please contact Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 65 11 88.

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Farm & Rural Legal Service