Blurred Borders Queensland

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LAQ is delivering FREE training sessions across Queensland to help you learn more about the new Blurred Borders Queensland resources and how they can help to improve communication and outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients in the justice system.

Training sessions will take place throughout October and November. Select the location below to register!

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What can I expect from the training?

The FREE half day training sessions offer an exciting and comprehensive program including:

  • understanding how and why Blurred Borders has a positive impact on First Nations clients in the justice system
  • skills and tools to embed the resources into your profession
  • practical examples including case studies and group activities
  • a free Blurred Borders kit (one per organisation)
  • free catering and, where relevant, 3 CPD points. 

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Who can use the kit?

The Blurred Borders Queensland resource kit has been designed for:

  • Lawyers
  • Paralegals
  • community workers
  • stakeholders providing frontline community services to people on bail and engaged in the criminal justice system in Queensland.

This includes support agencies, and other people communicating regularly about bail and court processes and orders—particularly those working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Meet G!

G is a criminal lawyer at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service who travels regularly to regional centres for circuit court.

G and local support people meet with clients outside the bush court and help them tell their story using the Blurred borders cards. The client and family can all work together this way to understand the process and get the best outcome.

The Conditions cards (below) have been very helpful for people to discuss cultural factors and work out how to follow or ask to change the rules of bail or a sentence.


Meet X!

X is a caseworker at the health service who helps people experiencing family violence.

X can use the people cards and definitions of types of violence (below) to help clients tell their story in a calm and clear way. Then, together, they can work out the best kinds of support.

What’s in the kit?

Story cards

The most important part of the Blurred Borders Qld kit is the story cards.

The story cards use visual art and plain English to explain legal concepts. There are 3 different sets of cards covering crime and bail, family violence, and health and feelings.

Bail and criminal process

The bail and criminal process set includes 80 story cards. Each card supplies the definition for a different legal concept about bail and criminal process.

Family violence and Health and feelings

The family violence set includes 68 story cards. There are 24 extra cards in this set to help clients express their feelings and describe their health.

Other resources

Every Blurred Borders Kit also includes a range of supporting materials to help you and your clients.

Wallet cards and stickers

The wallet cards and stickers provide clients with clear and accessible information about their legal circumstances. This includes bail and domestic violence order conditions, appointments dates, lawyer contact details and more.

Process maps

The process maps are an educational tool that use visual art to show the steps of common legal processes such as criminal and bail process, youth justice and family violence. This is useful when explaining the bigger picture to your clients.

User manual

The user manual is for service providers. It is a reference tool for story card definitions, case studies, instructions about how to use the kit and more.

Learn more about Blurred Borders Queensland

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about Blurred Borders Queensland