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Acronyms and abbreviations

AASB - Australian Accounting Standards Board

ARRs - Annual report requirments for Queensland Government agencies

ATO - Australian Taxation Office

ATSILS - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service

CEO - Chief executive officer

CFO - Chief finance officer

CLC - Community legal centre

CLE - Community legal education

CPD - Continuing professional development

EEO - Equal employment opportunity

ERO - External review officer

FBT - Fringe Benefits Tax

FAA - Financial Accountability Act 2009

FACT - First Advice Contact Team

FPMS - Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009

FTE - Full-time equivalent

GST - Goods and Services Tax

IASB - International Accounting Standards Board

IRO - Internal review officer

IT - Information technology

LPITAF - Legal Practitioner Interest on Trust Accounts Fund

NPA - National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services

OESR - Office of Economic and Statistical Research

QLAF - Queensland Legal Assistance Forum

RLAF - Regional Legal Assistance Forum

SVS - State Valuation Services

TTY - Telephone Typewriter Service

Last updated 5 October 2016

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