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2020–21 annual report report card

Queensland Government community objective

  • Backing our frontline services

Our services

  • Community legal education and information—through our website, publications, community legal education activities, statewide contact centre and customer service counters
  • Legal advice and task assistance—over the phone, by video-link or face-to-face
  • Duty lawyer services—in criminal, family, domestic violence, child protection, anti-discrimination, employment and administrative law
  • Lawyer assisted dispute resolution—for families facing separation, and for consumers and farmers
  • Representation in courts and tribunals—including criminal law, family law, child protection, domestic violence, mental health and some civil law matters.

Performance indicators

  • Meet Commonwealth Government performance indicators and Queensland Government service delivery statement measures
  • Conduct service delivery audits
  • Conduct client satisfaction survey
  • Deliver internal and external training opportunities to staff and other service providers
  • Achieve First Nations Strategic Plan objectives
  • Improve services to rural and regional communities
  • Participate in legal assistance forums
  • Contribute to government policy development
  • Implement service delivery initiatives in the Financial Strategy, Workforce Strategy and ICT Strategic Plan


  • Achieved Queensland Government targets (see Table 4 in Our performance).
  • Client survey is conducted every two years, with the next survey due in September 2021.
  • Ensured clients from key disadvantaged groups were able to access our services (see Table 6 in Objective 1).
  • Provided 30 policy/law reform responses.
  • 80 percent of Employee Opinion Survey respondents reported high levels of engagement with Legal Aid Queensland.
  • Provided psychological wellness, and health and wellbeing programs for staff (see Objective 3 for more detail).
  • Financial position remains healthy (see Financial overview).
  • Completed business support projects.

Priorities for the future

  • Continue to provide quality, cost effective legal services statewide.
  • Improve service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Continue to pursue our goal of Legal Aid Queensland being a ‘centre of excellence’.
  • Continue to build a health and wellbeing program for our staff.
  • Replace our key business systems LAQ Office and Grants Online.
  • Collaborate with and enhance support for preferred supplier law firms.
  • Plan roll out of enhanced Family Advocacy and Support Services.

Last updated 26 October 2021

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