Appeal record books in criminal law matters

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    For legal aid to be granted for an appeal record book the following tests must be satisfied:


    Preferred suppliers or in-house practitioners

    Practitioners seeking an extension of aid for an appeal record book, should electronically submit an extension for aid request via the Grants Online system along with the cost details provided by the appeal records section.


    An appeal record book is prepared after the notice of appeal is filed in the Court of Appeal registry. The appeal record book will generally contain a copy of the:

    • notice of appeal
    • full transcript of evidence taken at trial (openings and addresses to the jury are not usually included, unless recorded as relevant to the grounds of appeal)
    • a revised copy of the trial judge’s summing up
    • all relevant documentary exhibits (including criminal histories and medical reports), and
    • any available transcripts of recorded interviews or conversations.

    Grant(s) of aid

    The grant of aid that issues for a appeal record book is COT, this is not a fixed fee grant of aid, a "dollar amount" will issued in accordance with the cost details provided by the appeal record section of the court.

    The fee for the appeal record book is per page and the rate is determined by the appeal records section of the court.

    Last updated 15 March 2016