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Safety and security

Legal Aid Queensland and its senior management are committed to ensuring the health and safety of the work environment for its staff, clients, private providers, contractors and visitors and providing a work environment that is free from workplace aggression and violence. Legal Aid Queensland regards safety and security as a collective and individual responsibility of employees and other persons at the workplace.

The obligations, roles and responsibilities of the employer, employees and other persons at the workplace are:

Legal Aid Queensland

Legal Aid Queensland has an obligation to ensure the workplace health and safety of staff, private providers, contractors, clients and visitors to Legal Aid offices and relevant workplace areas. The employers responsibilities are:

  • undertaking risk management activities to adequately manage risks to persons in the work environment, including review of changes to work methods and practices
  • ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation standards, and other requirements to which the agency subscribes
  • ensuring that all plant, equipment and substances are safe and without risk to health when used in accordance with standard operating procedures
  • maintaining safe systems of work, the work premises and the work environment, including systems to adequately manage emergency response
  • providing appropriate workplace health and safety training to all employees
  • providing adequate resources to facilitate the fulfilment of the agency’s workplace health and safety responsibilities
  • regularly reviewing and evaluating safety management systems, including audits and workplace inspections, and
  • establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at elimination of work related injury and illness.


Managers will be held accountable for their areas of control to ensure:

  • relevant health and safety policies and procedures are effectively implemented
  • all risks to health and safety are identified, assessed and effectively controlled
  • regularly monitoring the effectiveness of risk control measures and deviations from standards rectified
  • supervisors and employees have adequate knowledge and skills to carry out their health and safety responsibilities
  • employees and their representatives are consulted on any proposals for or changes to the workplace, work practices, policies or procedures which may affect the health and safety of employees
  • all incidents, including incidents of unacceptable behaviour, within their area of control are reported and investigated, and basic cause and control strategies are identified, and
  • providing appropriate safety and security related information, instruction and training.


Employees are required to take care to protect their own health and safety and to avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of any other person. Employees responsibilities are:

  • reporting any incident, including unacceptable behaviour, or hazards at work to their manager or supervisor
  • carrying out their roles and responsibilities as detailed in the relevant health and safety policies and procedures
  • obeying any reasonable instruction aimed at protecting their health and safety while at work
  • using any equipment provided to protect their health and safety while at work
  • assisting in the identification of hazards and the implementation of risk control measures
  • considering and providing feedback on any matters which may affect their health and safety, and
  • ensuring they are not affected by alcohol or another drug which may endanger their own or any other persons' health and safety.

Clients, private providers, contractors, visitors

Clients, private providers, contractors and visitors to Legal Aid Queensland are required to:

  • comply with the workplace health and safety policies, procedures and programs
  • observe directions on health and safety, and
  • report incidents of aggressive behaviour when at Legal Aid.

Legal Aid Queensland have also appointed a Workplace Health and Safety officer and nominated Workplace Health and Safety representatives to undertake responsibilities in accordance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995.

A Workplace Health and Safety Committee has been established to address health and safety issues throughout the organisation. The committee consists of representatives from all areas of the organisation and meets monthly.

Last updated 4 December 2015

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