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How can this guide help me?

This guide can help you understand what can happen if you’ve missed loan payments or are having trouble keeping your loan payments up to date.
This guide has information on:

  • the options available to you if you can’t meet your current loan/lease payments
  • the options available to you to make a complaint to a lender’s internal dispute resolution (IDR) area and external dispute resolution (EDR) (the Australian Financial Complaints Authority)
  • how to negotiate a change to your loan or lease
  • the procedure you will go through to change your loan if you go to court.

If you go to court, this guide assumes your claim will be heard in the Magistrates Court—generally, if your loan debt is less than $150,000 it will be heard in the Magistrates Court. Please refer to Am I eligible to go to an EDR scheme or court? to find out which court you would need to go to for loan debts more than $150,000. This guide has sample letters and forms you can follow when you need to put something in writing. You can get copies of the forms from the Magistrates Court registry or from the Queensland Courts website

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