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After the order is made

If the tribunal orders the respondent to pay the debt (in whole or in part) but the respondent does not follow the order, you can enforce the order in the Magistrates Court.

You need to file in the Magistrates Court a copy of the order that has been made by QCAT and an affidavit about the amount still owing. If any money has already been paid off the amount owing under the order, you will need to tell the Magistrates Court about that in the affidavit.

Once you have lodged these documents in the Magistrates Court, the decision is taken to be an order of the Magistrates Court and can be enforced in the same way as an order of the Magistrates Court.

You will need to get legal advice about enforcement.

Can I appeal the decision?

Before you can appeal a QCAT minor debt decision you must ask for permission from the QCAT internal appeal tribunal to appeal the decision. To ask permission you will need to submit a Form 39 - Application for leave to appeal or appeal. You can get a copy of this form from the QCAT registry or theQCAT website.

You should get legal advice before seeking leave to appeal any decision.

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