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How do I know when to go to court?

You must go to court on the date set down in your notice to appear, summons or bail conditions or the date the magistrate told you when you last appeared. The first date you go to court is called the first ‘mention’ date.

What if I don’t go to court when I’m meant to?

If you don’t go to court on the right date you could be charged with a further offence called ‘failing to appear’. The court may issue a warrant for your arrest if you don’t attend court on the correct date.

If you did not attend court on the correct date, you should get legal advice.

For some simple offences (eg minor traffic offences) you may be able to enter a plea of guilty in writing by mail or online. For more information about how to lodge a plea of guilty online, talk to a lawyer or the relevant court. If the police give you a Plea of guilty form(PDF, 132KB), and you want to plead guilty, you can send this to the court instead of attending on the date listed.

You should not enter a plea of guilty for any offence in writing without getting legal advice first. If you get legal advice, the lawyer may also help you fill in the form.

Last updated 1 November 2017

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