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Car accidents

For free legal help:

Legal Aid Queensland 
Phone 1300 65 11 88 (for the cost of a local call from a landline in Australia)

Community Legal Centres Queensland
Phone 07 3392 0092

Or look under “Community Legal Centres” in your local phone book.

To report a car accident:

Phone 131 444
Read Policelink brochures in multiple languages

If you need an interpreter to help you contact a service phone TIS 131 450

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Video transcript

Title: Car accident

Maryam: Do you want to get some lunch before or after we shop?
Sanda: I’m a bit hungry, let’s get a ... [sound of brakes then...SMASH]
Maryam: Oh my goodness! I hit that car! Let’s get out of here... the guy’s not hurt!
Sanda: Maryam! What are you doing? You have to stop when you have an accident!
Driver: You idiot! Look at my car! You’ll have to pay! I hope you have insurance.
Sanda: It’s OK. No-one’s hurt. Here are my friend’s details. Can you give us your name and address as well?
Maryam: Do I have to tell the police?
Sanda: Hmmm….I’m not sure. Let’s phone the police and ask them.
Maryam: Phew, lucky I got my car registered. The insurance will pay to fix the car.
Sanda : No! The insurance you get with your registration is called compulsory third party insurance. It pays for eople who get hurt. You need to have separate insurance for car repairs.
Maryam: Oh no!
A few weeks later
Maryam: Sanda? Hi, this is Maryam. Hey, remember that car accident? I just got a letter from that guy’s insurancecompany.
Sanda: What does it say?
Maryam: I have to pay $2,000 in 14 days! I can’t pay that! What can I do?
Sanda : You need to see a lawyer Maryam.
Maryam: Can you help me with this?
Lawyer: Well, I’ll write to the insurance company – we’ll find out if you should pay and if you should, how much.
Maryam: Oh thank you.
Lawyer: And…you really should get car insurance.
Maryam: But it’s so expensive!
Lawyer: Well, you can get third party property insurance which pays for damage to the other car. That is quite cheap. But if you can pay a bit more, and you’ve got a good car, get comprehensive insurance.
Maryam: What’s that?
Lawyer: That means the insurance pays for damage to the other car and to your car. But...make sure you look around to get a good price.
Maryam: OK, thanks so much for your help.
Lawyer: I’ll be in touch when I hear from the insurance company.

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Last updated 18 June 2020

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