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For free legal help:

Legal Aid Queensland 
Phone 1300 65 11 88 (for the cost of a local call from a landline in Australia)

Community Legal Centres Queensland
Phone 07 3392 0092

Or look under “Community Legal Centres” in your local phone book.

To make a complaint about police:

Complain at any police station. Find a police station at
You can also complain by calling Policelink on 131 444 or by post:
Queensland Police Service
Attention: State Coordinator, Complaint Management
GPO Box 1440
Brisbane QLD 4001

If you need an interpreter to help you contact a service phone TIS 131 450

Activity sheets for this story:

Video transcript

Police officer: What are you doing here boys?
Abdi: Nothing.
Police officer: Were you here yesterday?
Abdi: No. Why do you want to know?
Police officer: Someone who looks like you has committed a crime in this area.
Abdi: I was at work all day yesterday.
Police officer: What is your name and address?
Abdi: Why do you want it?
Police officer: You have to give me your name and address.
Abdi: Alright, my name is Snoop Dogg.
Police officer: Do you have any ID on you?
Abdi: NO!
Police officer: Listen mate, I don’t believe your name is Snoop Dogg. I’m warning you - it’s an offence to provide a false name and address.
Abdi: You tell me your name and address, cop!
Gahmal: Just tell him your name.
Police officer: Give me your real name or I will arrest you.
Abdi: I’m not going anywhere.
Police officer: If you refuse to cooperate I will charge you with giving a false name.
Abdi: My name is Abdi Ghergis. My address is.... (Trailing off)
A few weeks later
Abdi: Hey Gahmal how you doing? I just got a letter from the cops.
Gahmal: What does it say?
Abdi: It says, ‘You are charged with providing a false name and address to a police officer.’ They got no sense of humour.
Gahmal: fff! So... What’s gonna happen?
Abdi: I gotta go to the court in three weeks.
Gahmal: Bummer! You better go to legal aid man.
Lawyer: So tell me what happened.
Abdi: Well, we were in the shops minding our own business and this cop comes up and he says...
Lawyer: Hmm. The police can ask for your name and address if they think you have done something wrong. Sometimes it’s easier to just tell them. It’s against the law to give them a false name and address.
Abdi: It was a joke!
Lawyer: It’s still against the law. After you’ve given your name and address you have a right to silence.
Abdi: What’s that mean?
Lawyer: Well, most of the time you don’t have to answer any other police questions. Like, where you’re going or what you’re doing.
Abdi: But the police are always picking on us.
Lawyer: Abdi, you MUST stay calm when you’re talking to the police even if you feel angry. You can complain later if they treat you badly and they have to give you their details too, if you ask.
Abdi: Well, I asked him and he didn’t give it to me.
Lawyer: Well, he should have and I can help you complain if you want. Now these papers mean you must go to court in two weeks. If you don’t go you can be arrested and put in prison. 
Abdi: OK.
Gahmal: (leaves text message bip bip bip) Good luck, Abdi! Call me when it’s over.

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Last updated 18 June 2020

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