What are your rights while in care?

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What are your rights while in care?

You have the right to:

Be safe and healthy

  • Live in a safe and stable place
  • Be treated fairly and with respect
  • Have a care arrangement that meets your needs
  • Receive health care, including medical, dental and counselling
  • Have privacy
  • Have a safe place to keep your belongings
  • Take part in activities you enjoy, including sport, music and art

Be yourself

  • Stay connected to your family, community and culture
  • For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, grow up connected to traditions and customs
  • Choose and practice religions and/or languages
  • Develop your sense of self, including your sexuality and gender identity

Be informed, have a voice, and be heard

  • Be involved in decisions, including where you live, when you see your family, your health and schooling
  • Receive information being kept about you
  • Have your case plan and care arrangements regularly reviewed
  • Have a say in who is given information about you
  • Complain to Child Safety if your rights aren’t being met

Learn and earn

  • Go to school
  • Enrol in training and get help to find a job
  • Be supported to transition from living in care to live as an independent adult

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Last updated 27 November 2023