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The Magistrate's decision


The magistrate will make their decision after they have heard both sides of the story and listened to the evidence from witnesses. The magistrate may agree with the plaintiff’s claim, agree with the defendant, or decide only part of the claim must be paid for.

The magistrate will make an order explaining how much has to be paid (this may happen immediately or at a later date). The person who does not win their case may be ordered to pay all or some of the other person’s legal costs.

What if I don’t agree with the decision?

If you don’t agree with the magistrate’s decision and want to appeal the decision you should get legal advice quickly. You will only have a short amount of time to lodge appeal documents.

You will have to apply to the District Court for permission to appeal the decision. A lawyer will explain how to start the appeal process when you get legal advice about your case.

What if they don’t pay me?

If you have trouble being paid after the magistrate has made an order, you should contact:

  • Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 65 11 88 for free legal information and advice
  • a lawyer or
  • a community legal centre.

Last updated 12 May 2021

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