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Can I access my superannuation?

Most people who have worked are members of a superannuation fund. Most superannuation funds allow people to obtain early access to their superannuation in certain circumstances including financial hardship, compassionate grounds or permanent incapacity. If you are struggling financially, it may be worthwhile talking to your superannuation fund to check your options.

What about life or disability insurance cover in my superannuation?

Most superannuation funds also provide life or disability insurance cover. If a person has passed away or been seriously injured in the floods there are often generous insurance lump sums that can be claimed. You should get legal advice regarding your entitlements before making any decisions.

Will an insurance payout affect my eligibility for government financial help?

In many cases you may still get the government's financial help even if you have already received an insurance payout. Your insurer may reduce your payout to reflect the amount that the government has paid you but some insurers will give payouts even if you received or can get government help. In some cases, if you get government help for a particular loss, your insurance coverage could be used for other losses. Speak with your insurer about these matters.

Many insurance policies include extra benefits on top of the sum insured. These benefits are for emergency accommodation, professional fees (eg for architects), compliance costs (eg changes to planning laws), and debris removal and clean-up. These benefits will be on top of your sum insured and may apply even if you do not get the full sum insured for your claim.

What should I do if I have problems with my insurance broker?

Where the policy was arranged by an insurance broker (rather than you dealing directly with the insurer), other issues (apart from those already dealt with in this guide) may arise. If the loss was due to some negligent conduct on the broker's part, you may be able to pursue a claim against them.

Examples include where you:

  • specifically asked the broker to organise insurance against flood and the broker failed to do so and did not let you know
  • did not have an insurance policy covering you for loss due to an unreasonable delay by the broker, and you would have been able to claim under the policy if it was in place.

You can take complaints about insurance brokers to the AFCA, an alternative dispute resolution service which you can access for free.

Last updated 22 March 2022

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