Our service promise to children and young people

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Our service promise to children and young people

If you're a child or young person asking Legal Aid Queensland for help about your legal rights or your legal matters, we promise to:

Understand you

  • understand what’s going on in your life that can make it difficult for you to talk to lawyers and to access the legal system
  • respect your culture
  • know what research says about children and young people and use it to help us understand you or question it when we need to

Communicate in a way you understand

  • make sure we know the safe and best places to send your mail, call or email you
  • plan for meeting with you by thinking about what we have to explain to you and what we need you to understand
  • make sure you understand what can happen if you’re giving a lawyer directions (lawyers call this giving instructions)

Do a good job

  • be prepared for when we talk to you by reading all the documents (paperwork), doing research and explaining all your options
  • explain our role, what we can and can’t do for you, and where to go to if we can’t help you with a problem
  • find other services that can support and help you if we can’t
  • understand you may rely on adults in your life to get the legal help you need; we will work with them when we can and will explain when we can’t

Last updated 30 September 2021