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Legal terms used in this kit

Adjourn — This is when a bail application is put off until a future date. When bail applications are adjourned it is usually because the court needs more information.

Affidavit —  This is a signed, written statement by a person involved in the case, stating what they know. It is sworn under oath (on the bible) or affirmed (see Affirming). The following is the standard legal Oath on an Affidavit. It is always the last paragraph of the Affidavit:

All the facts and circumstances herein deposed to are within my knowledge and belief save such as are deposed to from information only and my means of knowledge and sources of information appear on the face of this my Affidavit.

Affirming —   Stating that what you say or write is the truth. Used instead of 'taking the Oath' because your religion does not allow you to take an Oath or you do not have a religion.

Application for Bail —  This is a document that tells the court you want to apply for bail.

Application Number —  The number given to your bail application by the Supreme Court when you file your application and supporting Affidavit.

Crown/Prosecution —  The lawyers who represent the Crown during your bail application and who will argue against your application.

Justice of the Peace/Commissioner for Declarations/Lawyer —  These are the people who must watch you sign your Affidavit.

Oath/Sworn —  'Taking the Oath' means swearing on the Bible that you will tell or have told the truth. If you do not believe in the Bible you can affirm the content of your Affidavit is true.

Remand —  The time spent in custody if you have been refused bail and are awaiting trial/sentence.

Committal/Mention/Hearing/Summary/Trial/Sentencing/Appeal —   Stages of the court process.

Surety —  Someone who gives an amount of money or pledges property to the court as a guarantee that you will follow your bail conditions. If you break your bail conditions or fail to appear in Court, then the surety will lose the money they put up for you.

Witness —  A witness is a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations or lawyer who must watch you sign your Affidavit. Only these people can be your witnesses.

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