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Stage 1 - completing the forms

The following information will help you fill out the forms you need for your bail application.

Forms you must complete when you are remanded in custody without bail:

  • an 'application for bail'
  • an 'affidavit' in support of your application for bail with any exhibits (ie. letters of support) with exhibit markings
  • 'exhibit markings' (If you have exhibits you have to attach them to exhibit markings. Each exhibit requires a separate exhibit marking)
  • a draft 'bail order'

Samples of the documents you need are included in this kit.


If you make a mistake do not use liquid paper. Rule a line through any mistakes and write the correction in neat handwriting. If the mistake is in an 'affidavit' you and the person who witnesses the 'affidavit' must make an initial next to the correction in the side margin.

(If you have bail but you are still in custody because you cannot meet a requirement of bail eg. surety, see Changing a previously granted Bail Order.)

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