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Draft bail order

You should have a draft 'bail order' to hand to the judge hearing your application.

The draft order sets out the charges that you are seeking bail on.

It contains standard conditions and any other conditions you think the court may impose, for example a condition to reside at a drug rehabilitation centre.

Below is listed out some of the things you need to include in your draft 'bail order'. Refer to the sample and practice Bail order(PDF, 120KB) to see how it all works.

Paragraph 1 - requirement to attend court

You need your court dates and the court that you are required to attend, for example, the magistrates court at Brisbane on 5th July.

Paragraph 2- non-contact condition

A standard condition not to communicate with the complainant or witnesses.

Paragraph 3 - residential condition

A standard condition stating where you intend to reside.

Paragraph 4 - reporting condition

A standard condition that you will report to police while on bail.

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