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When should I use this kit?

What this kit can help you with

This kit can help you if you are on remand and want to apply for bail.

What this kit cannot help you with

This kit cannot help you argue against your charges.

This is an application for bail only.

This kit contains only brief information about bail pending an appeal.

If you are in this situation get legal advice.

The three stages of bail you need to complete:

Stage 1
Complete all the necessary forms, examples of which are included in this kit.

Stage 2
File the forms with the supreme court.

Stage 3
Present your bail application in the supreme court.


Before you begin making your own application, you should ask for assistance from Legal Aid Queensland.

If you are refused legal aid and you still wish to apply for bail, then you should get the bail clerk at your centre (if applicable) to prepare and type your application. The agencies listed in this kit will file your application for you.

Do not post your application directly to the court, as the court will not arrange for service on the Director of Prosecutions Office. You will only delay your application if you do this.

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