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Backlog of requests for video links

Dear partners

Due to a significant increase in the use of videoconferencing for clients in custody, there is a backlog of requests for video links. While we are dedicating more resources to processing these requests, the significant increase in requests across the system means there is now a delay of some weeks to secure even a half hour booking with centres such as Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre. While these issues remain we ask that requests for video links only be made where urgent and necessary – for example, where there is a court date within 2 weeks and instructions need to be obtained. For bookings with clients to take instructions with respect to bail, a separate telephone booking system has been implemented at each centre and will see shorter wait times than those experienced using the videoconference facility.

We hope that prioritising video links for urgent and necessary communication with clients that are not able to be undertaken by telephone will result in more practitioners being able to have contact with their clients sooner. Requests for both telephone and video bookings can continue to be sent to our videoconferencing section in the usual way. Thank you for your help.

Please email any questions.

If your matter is very urgent, please call 07 3917 0777.



Last updated 14 April 2020

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