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Fee increase for preferred supplier solicitors and barristers

I am pleased to advise that from Monday 1 August 2022, Legal Aid Queensland will increase fees paid to solicitors and barristers representing financially disadvantaged clients in most State law matters.

All hourly rates for solicitors in State law matters will be paid at $140 an hour, which aligns with the current child protection and Commonwealth family law hourly rate for solicitors. Fixed fees or event fees for solicitors and barristers (conferences, mentions, preparation, etc.) have also increased for most state law matters. Disbursements for items such as reports, giving evidence, service, travel and accommodation have also increased and apply across State and Commonwealth matters.

Professional fees for psychiatrists who provide reports and give evidence have increased in-line with rates paid by some other government agencies.

Increased fees will be applied where the request for legal aid is approved on or after 1 August 2022. The fee increases do not apply retrospectively and any grants issued prior to 1 August 2022 will be paid at the rate that applied when the grant was issued.

Full details of the increases will be published in the Grants Handbook – Scale of Fees and will be available on Monday 1 August 2022.

These fee increases have been made possible thanks to additional funding provided by the Queensland Government to Legal Aid Queensland in the 2022-23 State Budget.

Legal Aid Queensland is committed to increasing the fees it pays to providers when it is financially possible to do so. Lawyers in private practice play a vital role in the delivery of legal services to financially disadvantaged people across our State and without their ongoing support, we would be unable to fully service the legal needs of our clients.

Legal Aid Queensland will consider further structural adjustments to professional fees in State law matters in coming months.

Nicky Davies
Chief Executive Officer, Legal Aid Queensland

Last updated 1 August 2022

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