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REMINDER - Preferred supplier agreement renewals

Dear Practitioners, 

This is a reminder that preferred supplier agreements with all current preferred suppliers will expire on 31 July 2021. All current preferred suppliers who are wanting to continue with legal aid work after 31 July 2021 are required to submit a new application and signed agreement for consideration. 

Application packages are now available from the LAQ website and are to be submitted by Monday, 28 June 2021. Applications received after this date may not be assessed by LAQ before the current agreement expires, which means your firm would be unable to lodge new applications for aid until your new application is assessed and a new agreement is entered into. 

If your firm does not want to enter into a new agreement, please contact us to advise and indicate whether you are prepared to continue with your current matters or whether you want your current matters to be reallocated. Preferred suppliers are permitted to continue to perform existing legal aid work on the same terms and conditions as set out under their current agreement, for a maximum of three months. If current matters cannot be completed within three months, please provide details of the relevant matters and an estimated completion timeframe so a decision can be made as to whether these matters should be reallocated or can remain with the firm. 

Independent children’s lawyer and separate representative agreements remain current until 31 July 2022. 


Last updated 23 June 2021

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