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Queensland Corrective Services Update - COVID19 (7 April)

Please see the latest update from Queensland Corrective Services:

In response to the announcement on 1 April 2021 regarding the lifting of the lockdown of Greater Brisbane, in accordance with advice of Queensland Health, all correctional centres will remain in current Stage 3 level restrictions as they have been since Friday 26 March 2021.

Earlier last week, Stage 3 was also implemented in the correctional centres in the north of Queensland, resulting in now all centres across the state being in Stage 3. The impacts related to Stage 3 remain consistent with the previous advice provided, in summary –

  • All personal and professional in person visitations, including by legal representatives, remain suspended at all correctional centres in Queensland;
  • Non-critical movements of prisoners outside of centres remain minimised in Stage 3 due to the risks. Production of prisoners from correctional centres for appearances in Court where the in-person appearance is essential and required, will be facilitated. The use of video conferencing where viable, is preferred. QCS will continue to liaise with Courts and judicial officers where required, for operational matters related to producing prisoners for appearances.
  • Prisoners who are new receptions into a prison from the community or watch house, or transferred for in-person Court appearances (including trial attendance), may be required to isolate for 14 days upon their entry/return to QCS custody on advice of QH personnel, a timeframe which may reset upon each subsequent return to a centre from Court.

These arrangements will be further reviewed in line with Queensland Health advice as received and further updates will be provided when known. Thankyou again for all of your assistance through this period.

Last updated 7 April 2021

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