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Upgrades to video conference facilities at correctional centres - interruption to services

Correctional centres across the state are receiving much needed upgrades to existing equipment and facilities. This work must be completed prior to the end of the financial year.

The nominated correctional centres below, will have their videoconferencing suites unavailable during the nominated periods.

The reason for the advanced notice of the closures, is to enable the courts to discuss the impacts with their local judiciary and local legal/agency entities.

Corrections are aware that if a defendant is required for court, that they must bring the defendant in person for a personal appearance.

It is also the responsibility of each correctional centre, to discuss the impacts of the closure with QPS/cells staff, at each of the affected courts during this time.

Correctional centre

Period of closure – No VC

Business days

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre

13th to and including the 21st May 2019

7 business days, no access to videoconferencing suites

Townsville Mens Correctional Centre

20th to and including 24th May 2019

5 business days, no access to videoconferencing suites.

Townsville Womens Correctional Centre

27th May to and including 31st May 2019

5 business days, no access to videoconferencing suites.

Brisbane Mens Correctional Centre

17th June to and including 21st June 2019

5 business days, no access to videoconferencing suites.

Court staff will examine the existing adjournments to ascertain if there are any affected matters.  The Registry will contact those legal representatives concerned to ascertain if the matter can be further adjourned to a non-affected week or whether production in person would be required. 

Last updated 24 April 2019

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