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Childrens Court (Magistrates Court)

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Magistrates Court matters involving juveniles (people under the age of 17) are dealt with in a special court known as the Childrens Court.

Childrens Court matters include:

  • Youth Justice – proceedings involving juveniles who commit or are alleged to have committed offences.

    Youth Justice matters involving a ‘first-time offender’ are heard in a closed court. This means only those directly involved in the case may be present and no one is permitted to publish any information which can be used to identify the defendant.

    For 'repeat offenders', and subject to any contrary orders of the Magistrate, the court is open and identifying information may be published.

  • Child protection – proceedings relating to applications by the Department of Child Safety regarding the protection of children from harm. The court is a closed court.

  • Applications to dispense with consent of parent to adoption – proceedings where a parent’s identity is unknown or they cannot reasonably be found. The court is a closed court.

Specific matters involving juveniles can also be heard in the District Court by the Childrens Court of Queensland (CCQ). The CCQ is separate from Childrens Court in the Magistrates Court and is presided over by specially commissioned judges from the District Court.

Last updated 29 February 2016