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Queensland Community Care Services (QCCS)

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The Queensland Community Care program is funded by the state government. Queensland Community Care provides basic maintenance and support services for eligible people who live at home and whose capacity for independent living is at risk. Queensland Community Care services are offered in your home or local community and may be provided by government or non-government service providers.


To access Queensland Community Care services you must be a person, or the carer of a person, who is:

  • under 65, or under 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • has a moderate, severe or profound disability, or a condition which restricts their ability to carry out activities of daily living
  • is living in the community
  • having difficulty performing the core activities of daily living, and
  • is at risk of losing independence without assistance from Queensland Community Care.

More information about the Community Care program is available on the Queensland Government website.

Last updated 21 December 2015