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Administrative Appeals Tribunal - Social Services and Child Support Division

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The Social Services & Child Support Division of the AAT (the SSCS Division) can review most Centrelink or child support decisions made by an officer of the Department of Human Services if the decision has first been reviewed internally.


first review is the first time the AAT reviews a decision made by a Centrelink Authorised Review Officer (ARO) or Subject Matter Expert (SME) and it is heard in the Social Services & Child Support Division of the AAT . 

The AAT can review most Centrelink decisions about:

  • social security pensions, benefits and allowances
  • concession and health care cards
  • family assistance payments
  • farm household support
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • ABSTUDY and Assistance for Isolated Children debts.

The AAT cannot review a decision unless it has been reviewed by a Centrelink ARO or SME.

If you disagree with a first review decision, the AAT can conduct a second review of most decisions.  A second review is done in the General Division of the AAT.

Child Support

The AAT can conduct a first review of any Child Support objection decision.

The objection decisions the AAT can review include decisions about:

  • a change of assessment
  • the percentage of care for a child
  • the particulars of a child support assessment
  • non-agency payments.

The AAT can also review a decision of the Department of Human Services (the Department) refusing to give you more time to object to a Child Support decision.

The decision letter will tell you if the AAT can review the decision and if you are a person who can apply for a review.

Last updated 27 June 2019