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Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

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The Australian Human Rights Commission is a national, independent, statutory organisation established by an act of Federal Parliament that protects and promotes human rights in Australia and internationally.

Discrimination complaints

It is against the law to be discriminated against in employment, education, the provision of goods, services and facilities, accommodation, sport and the administration of Commonwealth laws and services.

You can make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission if you have experienced discrimination, harassment and bullying based on your:

  • sex, including pregnancy, marital or relationship status including same-sex and de facto status, breastfeeding, family responsibilities, sexual harassment, gender identity, intersex status and sexual orientation
  • disability, including temporary and permanent disabilities; physical, intellectual, sensory, psychiatric disabilities, diseases or illnesses; medical conditions; work related injuries; past, present and future disabilities; and association with a person with a disability
  • race, including colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, immigrant status and racial hatred
  • age, covering young people and older people
  • sexual preference, criminal record, trade union activity, political opinion, religion or social origin (in employment only)

The commission can also investigate and resolve complaints about alleged breaches of human rights against the Commonwealth and its agencies.