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Caxton Legal Centre - Consumer Credit Law Service

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What does the Consumer Credit Law Service do?

This service can give legal advice about the following problems:

  • Home, car and goods repossession
  • Trouble with home loans or mortgage repayments
  • Letters, phone calls or court documents from debt collectors
  • Difficulty paying loan or credit card repayments
  • Problems with a loan or a purchase made on credit
  • Consumer leases for things like furniture and cars
  • Payday loan problems
  • Unusual loan arrangements
  • Problems with a guarantee
  • Some types of insurance problems (not related to injuries)
  • Any other debt or credit legal problem.

Caxton can give advice to anyone (even a person living in another state) who has borrowed money or bought goods from a financial institution or trader located in Queensland. 

Caxton can only help with ‘consumer’ credit (for domestic and household purposes) and cannot assist with business debts.

The Consumer Credit Law Service is a program within Caxton's Human Rights and Civil Law Practice.

Last updated 9 February 2021