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Prisoners Legal Service Inc

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About the service

Prisoners Legal Service (PLS) is a community legal centre dedicated to providing specialist advice to prisoners on matters relating to their incarceration.  This includes:

  • free legal advice and representation about conditions of imprisonment and parole decisions
  • free financial counselling
  • advocacy to government.

PLS does not practice in criminal law and cannot provide advice or representation to prisoners about their criminal charges.

Matters the service can help with


  • Applying for parole
  • Parole orders
  • Parole breaches
  • Parole refusals
  • Parole suspensions
  • Parole cancellations
  • Judicial review
  •  Limited on-off advice for people on parole (contact PLS via online form or main phone no.)

Prison matters

  • Solitary confinement
  • Use of force
  • Breaches of discipline
  • Complaints
  • Mail
  • Personal injury
  • Security classification
  • Prison management decisions (eg access to library)
  • Prison Transfers

Other matters

  • Visa cancellation in prison
  • Health issues (eg. problems with access to medication/medical treatment)

Family and friends of prisoners

To contact Prisoner's Legal Service, complete an online enquiry form

Your enquiry will be reviewed by a PLS lawyer and you will receive a response either by email or by telephone.

Telephone call backs in response to online enquiries will generally take place on Monday evenings between 6pm-7pm.

PLS is unable to provide legal advice to third parties. If you are a family member or friend seeking advice on behalf of a prisoner, the service encourages you to tell your relative or friend to contact the service directly on their free telephone advice line or by writing to PLS.

Last updated 22 February 2022