Crime and Corruption Commission - CCC

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The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is a statutory body set up to combat and reduce the incidence of major crime and corruption in the public sector in Queensland. Its functions and powers are set out in the Crime and Corruption Act 2001.

The CCC investigates both crime and corruption, has oversight of both the police and the public sector and protects witnesses.  In brief, the CCC:

  • investigates organised crime, paedophilia, terrorist activity and other serious crime referred to it for investigation
  • receives and investigates allegations of serious or systemic corrupt conduct
  • has a statutory function for crime and corruption prevention
  • helps recover the proceeds of crime
  • provides the witness protection service for the state of Queensland
  • conducts research on crime, policing or other relevant matters.

Peer agencies

Australia-wide, the CCC’s peer agencies are: