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LawRight - Mental Health Law Practice (MHLP)

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The LawRight  Mental Health Law Practice (MHLP) provides free legal advice and assistance to people with mental illness or impacted by mental health law who cannot afford a private lawyer.

To access the MHLP, clients should call LawRight on (07) 3846 6317 and ask to be referred to the MHLP. They will prioritise inpatients and callers with upcoming hearings at the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Advice on the Mental Health Act

MHLP provide advice about issues arising under the Mental Health Act, including:

  • Treatment Authorities (TA);
  • ECT applications;
  • Examination Authorities (if an EA has been made about you); and
  • Other mental health law issues, including advice about your rights under the Mental Health Act 2016.

You do not need to fill in a LawRight application form to access this service.

Mental Health Review Tribunal representation

MHLP help people on Treatment Authorities (TA). They have a panel of trained, independent volunteers who can:

  • help clients prepare for their hearing;
  • help clients present their views to the Tribunal; and
  • advocate on the client's behalf at the hearing.

MHLP also provide support after the hearing, so that clients understand the outcome and can navigate any next steps. 

Generally, MHLP require at least 7 days notice to arrange an advocate. 

They also help people in the Tribunal on referral from Legal Aid Queensland.

Civil law issues

If you experience mental health or general health issues, MHLP may be able to help you with other civil law problems, such as:

  • Centrelink or other social security issues;
  • consumer issues;
  • debts, loan agreements and bankruptcy;
  • discrimination;
  • employment;
  • advanced care planning;
  • State Penalties and Enforcement Registry (SPER) fines;
  • guardianship or administration issues;
  • housing and tenancy issues; and
  • police powers.

Depending on capacity, MHLP may be able to assist you with these issues directly or through one of their health justice partnerships at certain locations or through pro bono referral.